Susanne's Paranormal Page          

Welcome to Susanne Marie Knight's exciting world of suspense adventures. Click on the links below to learn more about her suspense books and short stories.

THE AWAY PLACE--Available on and Smashwords

THE COMING--Available on and Smashwords. 

COMPETITORS! --Available on and Smashwords.  See  book trailer on Just click!

Family Secrets--Short story. Available at and Smashwords.

GRAVE FUTURE--Available on and Smashwords. 

A KARMIC CONNECTION--Available on  and Smashwords.-See  book trailer on Just click!

PAST INDISCRETIONS--Available on and Smashwords. 


A SESTERCE FOR HER THOUGHTS--Ancient Rome Time-travel.  Available on and

Shades of Old Glory--Short story. Available  on and Smashwords.

THE TWO OF CUPS IS FOR and Smashwords. New Release!

UNCOVERING CAMELOT--Available on and Smashwords--See  book trailer on Just click!

THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE--Available on and Smashwords See  book trailer on Just click!


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