What readers are saying about...  WHAT READERS ARE SAYING ABOUT:

                      SUSANNE MARIE KNIGHT                                  


For A DELICATE CONDITION: A brilliant novel, absolutely loved it. Highly recommended. Just finished it yesterday. It is a shame that they only allow for five stars. Another brilliant book by this outstanding author.--M.D.R.

For A DELICATE CONDITION: This sounds like a very good book. I am getting it, thank you! I need to get to reading, it is my escape.--Dee

For "True Love And Candy Corn": 5 Stars! The moment I finished reading this I had to write this review. Something about the story enthralled me. I am a sucker for happy endings. --Bobb B.

For "Special Of The Week": 5 Stars!  A wonderful short story. This author has proved once again what a wonderful imagination can produce when serving up this wonderful short story. I loved it, this was an enjoyable read.--M.D.R.

One of the Best E-Book Authors on the Internet--Nights and Weekends.com 

Susanne Marie Knight is absolutely Splendid! Mature, Balanced, And Imaginative; A Balanced Prose Style!”--M.A. Manchester, English Professor

For THE COMING: Bermuda triangle, parallel timelines, beautiful environment, lovable actors, and finally a writer who takes advantage of the story over the past! THE COMING was a fun, cute story.--Szinna, Hungary.

For A DELICATE CONDITION: Loving this book. What a great imagination! The story really flows!--M.R.

For THE RELUCTANT LANDLORD: 5 Stars! Very enjoyable! I have to be honest and admit that I found this title to be a fascinating read. The characters I felt are used perfectly. The whole idea of the story was superbly written. I love the culture and the way that the spoken  words are so clearly illustrated, this brings the best out of each character. This novel comes highly recommended. I will certainly be purchasing more works from this author.--M.R. Amazon.co.uk

For ONE WIFE TOO MANY: 5 STARS! Amazing Book! After reading the Reluctant Landlord, which I was very impressed with, I decided to read another one of Susanne's books, One Wife Too Many. She did not disappoint me with this book either. Both books I thought were terrific. I would recommend both books to anyone and now I'm going to go onto one of her other books. I'm picking one of her short stories The Teachers Pet. I'm sure I will not be disappointed with that either. One Wife Too Many I read in one day as I could not put it down!--R.R. Amazon.co.uk

For THE RELUCTANT LANDLORD: 5 Stars! I thoroughly enjoyed The Reluctant Landlord and would recommend it for anybody to buy. For an American using the old English language like in the book, I think she must be an English immigrant. After reading this book I am looking forward to reading another of her books.--R.R. Amazon.co.uk

For REGENCY SOCIETY REVISITED: 4 Stars! Time Travel and Regency don't normally mix well but the author has done her research and the end result is readable and enjoyable.--J.W.

For THE TWO OF CUPS IS FOR LOVERS: Perfect, perfect, perfect! I love how the Tarot cards are mixed into the story. Lovely!--M.G. 

For AN ALIEN PARADISE: I've been impatiently waiting for this book! Love it. I want a poomba, too!--P.R. 

For THE QUESTING BOX: FIVE STARS! I love time travel romance; Somewhere in Time is my very favorite movie. This book by Susanne Knight ranks right up there. Once you start, you won't be able to put it down! Do yourself a favor and indulge in this one. You won't be sorry!--N. N.  

For A KARMIC CONNECTION: Second chance at romance with a paranormal twist. A great read!--Margaret T.

For THE ILL-GOTTEN INSURANCE: "Awesome Book!" R.C. WordPress 

For SOJOURN THROUGH TIME: 5 STARS! Could not put it down! A perfectly delightful Regency time travel novel, I enjoyed every page without stopping. I like the way Ms Knight does time travel. It serves the story, the story does not serve it. Her plot unrolls in a natural, seamless manner. Loved it!--Susie FT

For "Shades Of Old Glory": 4 STARS!! F.Eu

For GRAVE FUTURE: 5 STARS!! Well, this was a very good story. A great heroine, Jocelyn, and a wonderful hero, Dan. Throw in a helpful ghost and a despicable bad guy and you have got a story you won't want to put down!--DB--Amazon.

For ONE WIFE TOO MANY: Wonderful second-chance-at-love story!!--M.K. 

For ONE WIFE TOO MANY: This book is great! I adore Andrea, and as for Wilson--yum! Thanks so much for this refreshing read!--C. Caruso

For "Homesick": "Fantastic! Beautifully written! I love your descriptions!" J. M.

For "Homesick": "1 1/2 hankies! Unusual for a short story, because it's hard to build that kind of emotion in short stuff. Susanne does it well." J.G.

For "HOMESICK": Such a beautiful story! Was not prepared for the story or the ending!!!! Wonderfully written! N.B.I.

For "HOMESICK": I really liked this story. I would definitely like to read more of Susanne's work. A.B.R.

5 STARS for SOJOURN THROUGH TIME: Loved it! I have enjoyed several of Susanne Marie Knight's time travel books and this one did not disappoint. I eagerly await her next one.--Carolyn W. Amazon.com.

For GRAVE FUTURE: I read this book quite awhile ago and I remembered how good it was so I picked it up to read again. I wasn't disappointed. I really enjoyed it!--J.G.

FIVE STARS for REGENCY SOCIETY REVISITED: Wonderful time travel! If you love time travel, if you love romance, if you love regency, you will love this book! It even brought tears to my eyes at the end. A great read!--D.B. Amazon.com.

FIVE STARS for A KARMIC CONNECTION: A great read! Susanne Marie Knight creates relatable characters. You want to root for them all. May she continue to write and entertain us!--C.K. Amazon.com.

FIVE STARS for TAINTED TEA FOR TWO: Excellent!  I truly enjoyed this story. I had a small idea who did it half way through but was not completely sure until the end. I would recommend to those who enjoy a light hearted murder mystery romance.--D.B. Amazon.com.

FOUR STARS FOR SOJOURN THROUGH TIME: A time travel worth the time! Sweet, that is what Alex is! She makes a fine heroine. A very quick, enjoyable read. Would like to read Tony's story. Hope she writes one!--D.B. Amazon.com.

For THE QUESTING BOX: FIVE STARS! Enjoyed the story. I would recommend this book to anyone. I will be looking forward to any other books from this author that are at least like time travel. T. N. 

PAGING MISS GALLOWAY! A fun read! I chose this book because the heroine was dressed as a boy, and no one knew it! This was a fun book to read. I would recommend it to anyone who loves regency stories! C.G.

FOUR STARS for TIMELESS DECEPTION! For those of you who enjoy a nice little time travel story - you won't be disappointed in this one. A Regency romance for those who both love the period, and dream about living through an experience like that of the heroine. A very quick, fun read. D.B.

FOUR STARS!  A trip through time! I really enjoyed this book. I enjoy time travel romances and this was a great book to read on a quiet afternoon. C. G.

For THE QUESTING BOX: FIVE STARS! I love time travel romance; Somewhere in Time is my very favorite movie. This book by Susanne Knight ranks right up there. Once you start, you won't be able to put it down! Do yourself a favor and indulge in this one. You won't be sorry! N. N.  

This is a fantastic book! When is the next book in this exciting series coming out?--C.B. {Editor's note: the next Minx Tobin Mystery is tentatively scheduled for the latter part of 2013}

I love Minx Tobin! My favorite Who-Done-It series!--S.C

For UNCOVERING CAMELOT: One of my favorite books of Ms. Knight!! I could barely put it down!!"--K.N.

For UNCOVERING CAMELOT: I FINISHED CAMELOT!!  It is sooooo good!  Love love loved it!--N.N.

For UNCOVERING CAMELOT: OMG!  I am loving this book so much!  You are so talented.  THIS is my favorite so far!!  I've got a few more chapters left, and I can't wait til Monday to finish it, so I'm taking it home tonight!  LOL-- N. S.

For THE VIRTUAL VALENTINE: I really loved this book.  I can't wait to read the first 3!--C.B

OH … MY … GOSH!!! I just finished The Magic Token!  I loved it!  LOVE LOVE LOVED it!  You are such a gifted writer … l love how you wove the story in and out of all the different real historical facts.  And the coup de grace was Charles Darwin – and how you read about his mentioning he had a gold coin … wow, too cool!  And I loved the comeuppance of Nanette … LOL … in a practical way, I felt pity for her.  That she was so concerned with others’ opinions and views of her that she had to resort to marriage to a man she did not love.  That was so prevalent then (well, and probably now, too) … but you know what I mean.  I just loved the book … and Gregory!  I loved your line about how she looked in Marcus’s eyes, then they became the eyes of a stranger!  It was great!  Love love loved it!--Nancy G.

On A NOBLE DILEMMA: I loved this book. The heroine is so refreshing. She's sweet without being a saintly Mary Sue. You have to love a girl who wants to have it all.--M.B.

TIMELESS DECEPTION is a very different and original time travel than any I've seen before. It's a creative endeavor that is a wonderful keeper. I love time travels and Regencies, and this book is a perfect blend of both genres. I drooled (!) over Richard, and I enjoyed rooting for Alaina as she tried to convince Richard that she was a "changed" person. I highly recommend this terrific example of Brit-lit: TIMELESS DECEPTION!--on Amazon.com.

My family loved THE MAGIC TOKEN. It's a charming Regency imbued with magic and lots of wonderful characters. Once I opened the book, I left all my troubles behind and had a lively adventure with Amanda, Marcus, and company. Isn't that what reading is all about? My heartfelt thanks to Ms. Knight. I'm one of her fans!--Reggy, on Amazon.com

On Minx Tobin Mysteries: I  can't wait to read these books!--Tami D.

On The Ill-gotten Insurance: Minx and Gabe need to get together!!--C. K.

On The Ill-gotten Insurance:I don't normally read mystery, but I'm enjoying your book, Susanne Marie Knight.  I just started it a while ago and already I'm hooked.--Jan L.

My SIL claims you are one of the best around!--Gae S.

One of the reasons I love your writing is your ability to paint pictures in my mind with the words you put on paper. Your descriptions are so well written that I am able to close my eyes and "see" the images in my mind. This makes your stories so much more enjoyable.--Donna H.

I have been reading your books for the first time and I do so very much love your stories.--Amy W. 

For THE BLOODSTAINED BISTRO: Minx and Gabe are a match made in heaven. I love mysteries. Combined with romance, they are irresistible. Luck in all you do.--Patricia A.

The best place to read romances like Susanne Knight's,  is, where else, in bed!!--Sheila S.

My summer dream is reading Regency romances by Susanne Marie Knight!--Lesley M.

For THE BLOODSTAINED BISTRO: Susanne's new book is 'GREAT'!!  VERY interesting! Congratulations to Susanne!--Michele T.

FOREVVER is one of my favorite science fiction romances!--Marie D.

For HAVE CHRISTMAS CARD... WILL TRAVEL: 5 stars! I loved this book! It was a cute little love story with a Christmas bow tied around it. It was a quick read and I didn't want the story to end!--N.T.

For ALIEN HEAT: I found Susanne Marie Knight's ALIEN HEAT to be very imaginative.--J.G.

For A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE: Susanne Marie Knight's romances have an imagination that sets them apart.--D.L.

For PAGING MISS GALLOWAY: Hell of a story!!--K.W.

I read PAGING MISS GALLOWAY and loved the story!--G. M.

I love your Regencies!--Virginia M.

Wonderful books! I've never read a story of yours I didn't like!--J.G. 

For TIMELESS DECEPTION:  I give this book five stars!!--Penny M..

ForEvver was a pleasure to read!--B.R.

ForEvver is FABULOUS!!!!--Virginia P.

For FOREVVER:  Can't wait to sink my teeth into this science fiction!--Rick C.

I enjoyed ForEvver!--T.M

Recommended reading! A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE, LOVE AT THE TOP, and LORD DARVER'S MATCH. I thoroughly enjoyed these books.--Maggie T. 

My copy of PAGING MISS GALLOWAY arrived on Saturday. I immediately started reading it. I love it!!--Carole K.

I loved every minute of PAGING MISS GALLOWAY! I had to stay up way past my bedtime to finish reading this delightful book!!--Nancy W.

I really enjoyed THE CONTRARY CONTESSA!--Patricia R.

For PAGING MISS GALLOWAY: The book is as clever as the trailer!--T. Marr

Just wanted you to know how I enjoyed HAVE CHRISTMAS CARD... WILL TRAVEL and PAGING MISS GALLOWAY. The concept of the Twelve Days of Christmas was so much fun. I finished PAGING MISS GALLOWAY yesterday. That twist at the end was so unexpected. And I loved Edward!--G.B.

Amazon's Listmania: for TAINTED TEA FOR TWO--recommended cozy mystery!--M.A.

For REGENCY SOCIETY REVISITED: Great read! I recommend it for Regency and romance fans!--Kylee

Thanks for making my life more pleasant!--Judy H.

First time here. Anxious to read one of your books!--LeAnn K.

Love your books!--Kate U.

I haven't actually read any of your books, but would be interested to. "Romance with a twist" is catchy and has a nice ring to it.--Reed

I am missing [A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE] on my keepers shelf!--Fran K.

I hope to see all your Regency time-travel books in print some day so I can place them on my keeper shelf!--Debbie B.

Have thoroughly enjoyed many of your books, and I 'm very glad you write in so many of my favorite genres.--Amelia R.

You rock!--Kena A.

Wow, I knew that I was behind in my reading but, I didn't realize that I was that far behind. I loved reading about your books. The excerpts were great. I can't wait to read more of your work. Thanks & have a wonderful weekend.--Teresa B.

Hi Susanne! So love your books! Came to see what I missed! Hugs. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! I haven't found much Time Travel to the regency but yours! Another I will add to my wishlist to get. Dearly enjoy your books. Congrats on the wonderful review!! Thrilled to find your blog too to keep up with any news.--Cathie M.

I like the fact that it's not just romance, but you add other elements into your writing as well.--Kasey P.

You have so many great books that I'm interested in!--Danielle A.

I'm excited to read this title [ALIEN HEAT]! I would like to use it for my book club that meets at Barnes & Noble Santa Barbara!--Megan T.

Hi, I love your books!--Alexandria P.

Just keep on writing!--Irene N.

Love time travel and your book Alien Heat--Steph K.

Your books look very intriguing. I love time travel, scifi,and romance! It sounds like we have a match!--Sharon K.

You have a great site and I enjoy reading your books.--Phyllis A.

I look forward to your books Susanne. I found you through Fallen Angel Reviews and I'm glad I did.--Carol L.

Love her books!!!--Pam M.

All of your books look great, I just discovered your site.--Tami C.

Your books sound good :)--Carrie K.

I love your books!--Jane S.

Please keep up your scintillating writing!  Thanks for the contest.--Pat N.

Hi Susanne, always a treat to get your newsletter.--Earlene G.

I love all of the stories, all of the time frames!--Sandy H.

You have a great site with a wonderful selection of books.--P.A.

I love your books. They're all great.--Beverly B.

Looking forward to A Sojourn Through Time--Debbie B.

For THE MAGIC TOKEN: Enjoyed it very much. This is a page-turner!--Bonnie B.

When Susanne Knight writes Regency time-travel romance, you know you have an exciting read! Multi-published in ebook and in print, Susanne's books are always a popular choice among customers.--K. S.

SOJOURN THROUGH TIME sounds fantastic. Congratulations on the great review. I can't wait until it comes out. Have a relaxing summer.--Orelukjp

For SOJOURN THROUGH TIME: I loved it! Read it all in one day. Such a delightful story!--Nancy W.

For SOJOURN THROUGH TIME: Wow! What an exciting read.--P.S.

For SOJOURN THROUGH TIME: Good writing and the book--Wow!--T.R.


Fantastic! Couldn't put THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE down!--John C.

For TIMELESS DECEPTION: I was captured from the very first page. I loved this book!--R. A.

For THE RELUCTANT LANDLORD: I read it a dozen times. It is sweet, natural, and full of happy things!--Simin

For REGENCY SOCIETY REVISITED: I just finished this book this morning.  I really enjoyed Regency Society Revisited. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.--Kylee

For THE RELUCTANT LANDLORD: 5 Stars!--Shokoofe

I enjoyed A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE so much, I'm giving this book to my friend!--Hilly B.

Your books stand out because of their unconventional plots!--Joy C.

I will be looking for your books. Readers comments intriguing.--Pam F.

So anxious to read your books!--Charlotte L.

I will be looking for your books. Readers comments intriguing.--Pam F.

Your JANUS series is wonderful! I love both books and am anxious for number 3!!--D.T.

Thank you. I really enjoy your work.--Carrie M.

She is a great author.--Dee Ann P.

Thank you so much for writing such wonderful books.--Corey R.

How can you pick one when they are all soooo good and I am still missing 8 from my collection?--Linda D.

All your books sound great!--Huguette E.

Great books!--Barbara B.

I really enjoy your books.--Karrie M.

I love this authoress. She draws you into the book she is writing.--Kat M.

TIMELESS DECEPTION is one of my all-time favorite books!--Katie T.

I haven't read any of Ms. Knight's books yet, but look very forward to becoming a fan. Thanks so much!--Jeff S.

I love the names of your books!--Heidi D.

GRAVE FUTURE sounds like a great read!--Teri M. 

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed THE COMING!--Neal G.

I love your books.--Caitlin H. 

For THE CONTRARY CONTESSA: Lexia was a wonderful heroine! I just loved her!--F.A.

For A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE: Beautiful cover! Perfect for Regencies.--E.A.

So hard to pick just one of your books! I've have to buy them all. lol--Lillie B.

This is a wonderful story! I truly enjoyed A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE.--Loretta B.

I just love JANUS IS A TWO-FACED MOON! It's a perfect story for your JANUS series. Thank you! I want to read this book over and over again!--Sue G.

For TIMELESS DECEPTION and GRAVE FUTURE: The story plots were different from what I have read in the past. Wonderfully written-out dialogues and plot descriptions had quickly pulled me into the reading.--J.S.

You may have read over and over again about your stories being masterpieces, and I believe what they say... I am writing to tell you that I support you and your literary works... Believe it or not, you deeply inspired and motivated me to write my own stories. You also helped me realize how reading and writing could be so much fun.--J.S.

Looking for you to be on the best-seller list!--V. K.

LORD DARVER'S MATCH is a masterpiece! I love it, I love it!!--Eliz R.


Have enjoyed many of your books, as you write in some of my favorite genres. The time-travel and paranormal stories are especially rewarding!--Amelia R.

Just want to say hello and to tell you that you write some fabulous books.--Ana Luisa S.

For REGENCY SOCIETY REVISITED: Thanks again for another terrific story!--Rick C.

For LUCKY 13: It has  different stories I like reading. Ghost, Time-travel and more.  I haven't found it in the store.--Tammy G.

I love your books.--Caitlin H.

For REGENCY SOCIETY REVISITED: I got thoroughly hooked!--Richard C.

For THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE: I found THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE exciting and interesting--when I got home from work, I read the last chapters instead of doing my chores!--J.G.

Keep up the exciting writing!--Pat N.

For THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE: Hauntingly good, spine-tingling!--C.A.

I love your books!--Rayetta L.

For REGENCY SOCIETY REVISITED: I've gotta get this book! I love this time period along with the time travel.--Tam

I am happy to have found your website.--Cindi H.

For REGENCY SOCIETY REVISITED: Oh, I had my fingers crossed for this one! Thanks to Ms. Knight for the chance to try it like this!--Miki

For REGENCY SOCIETY REVISITED: Add a dash of the future/a trip to the past, and you have a most interesting look at this already complex and intriguing period in history. This is a delightful romance story!--A. S.

For TIMELESS DECEPTION: This is a very unique novel, combining elements of historical romance with time-travel and a suspenseful plot--and add in a Regency-like quality! This one is hard to categorize! And Susanne Knight is hard to beat!--K.S.

I started reading [REGENCY SOCIETY REVISITED]. The first few pages promise as much entertainment as your COMPETITORS! gives.--Joy C.

REGENCY SOCIETY REVISITED was a pleasure for me.  I have recommended it to my book club friends.--R.C.

I got a misty-eyed feeling reading the last scene in HAVE CHRISTMAS CARD!--B. G.

A group of Neanderthals has a mission among the modern human civilizations. That rarity, an original romance plot. Entertaining, too.--Joy C.

I love your historicals.--Eva S.

I found myself a new author to get excited about! Thank you.--Catherine M.

Love the books!--Nickole H.

Love your books!--Cathy T.

Keep up the exciting writing!--Pat N.

You are a new author for me and I would love trying any one of your books, so many of them sound good!--Debbie P. 

For THE RELUCTANT LANDLORD: I read this book a dozen times! It is sweet natural and full of happy things.--Simin

For REGENCY SOCIETY REVISITED: I have absolutely no suggestions for making this story better. It's already a well-told story. Why mess with perfection? I think your fans will love this story. I'm a fan and I love it.--Dick C.

All your books are wonderful!--Michele K.

For GRAVE FUTURE: This book sounds fascinating.--Rita S.

Love your site, and your books are great too.--Earlene G.

I like all kinds of books, but mostly Regency. Thanks for writing them!--Eva S.

You have a great site and I enjoy reading your books. Phyllis A.

I would love to read one of your books--Gail H.

For A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE: I really enjoyed this book. It's a great story!--Millie C.

You write so many different types of books that it is always easy to find something good to read.--Joan W. 

For "Carla's One-Sided Crush": This is fabulous! It gave me goose bumps. LOL!--L.J.

For A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE: Oh, I fell in love with Victor and Nicolette! Thank you for a great read.--S.C.

For A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE: I've been waiting for this book. <g> Love the cover!--Betty K.

For JANUS IS A TWO-FACED MOON: Fantastic! I loved reading about ballet dancers in the future and, omigosh, was wowed about air ballet. That is so cool! Blade and Christopher are the best!. :-) --S.C.

I was totally sucked into the plot. And the characters were very real. The story and the characters were extremely entertaining and well drawn. I was just enthralled by it!--Rich C.

I couldn't put TIMELESS DECEPTION down! Best book of yours that I've read.--D. C.

For A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE: I loved this one! Glad to see the characters for THE RELUCTANT LANDLORD. It's always nice to visit with characters we loved from past books.--L.H.

For JANUS IS A TWO-FACED MOON: Thank you for this book. I'm so happy to read this one!--Anna 

I really love your website. It's real helpful. I also love your books.--Melanie 

For COMPETITORS!: I couldn't stop reading! Great book!--C.K.

For COMPETITORS!: Thanks for writing this wonderful work!--M.M.

I enjoyed JANUS IS A TWO-FACED MOON. Couldn't put it down!--D.C. 

For JANUS IS A TWO-FACED MOON: Wow! So interesting and exciting!--Virginia P.

Mega congrats, Susanne. May JANUS IS A TWO-FACED MOON be as successful as JANUS IS A TWO-HEADED GOD.--Sherry D.

For JANUS IS A TWO-FACED MOON: Wonderful review, how exciting! JANUS IS A TWO-FACED MOON sounds great. :)--Tami D.

I enjoy your books--Sarah C. 

For COMPETITORS! Another winner and a great read it is!--K.S.

Oooh, sounds wonderful. I love this kind of book (COMPETITORS!)--Laura D.


Congrats on COMPETITORS!--D.G.

Congrats on the new release!! It sounds great and paranormal is really hot--may COMPETITORS! be a best-seller for you!--D.T.

I really enjoyed this book. (COMPETITORS!) I think this is the best one yet!--D.C. 

I loved COMPETITORS! Finished it over the weekend.--J.G. 

Thank you for an enjoyable read.--Joy. C. 

I'm really glad to see you have a new novel out. I looove your books!--M.B.

COMPETITORS! was great fun to read.--J.C.

Thanks for doing this... This is Great, but then, you are a Great Lady.--W.Q.

I love all her books.--Steven I.

Current book that I'm reading is THE COMING. Recommended!--Elizabeth

Thank you for writing books which make you dream, sigh and smile and which always has characters which so easily draw you into their lives and storyline.--Rachel R.

Susanne Knight is notorious for 'romance writing with a twist.' Her novel PAST INDISCRETIONS is a love story that ties the past and future together that creates an impossible battle. [Her website] provides us with more information and also her techniques of persuasive writing.--Roxanne.

I'm so glad I found your site. I love to read time travel books!--Jennifer S.

Have enjoyed several of your stories, and hope to read many of the others soon. Since you have written several books by interweaving two of my favorite genres, paranormal and romantic suspense, I am definitely looking forward to these books!--Amelia R.

I am so glad I am retired so I can read and read and read. Keep up the good work.--M.M.E.

Thank you for writing such wonderful books!--Rhonda B.

Your books are wonderful. I have enjoyed reading several and look forward to reading more.--Pamela B.

All of your books sound so enchanting and captivating! Love them all!!!--Lisa B.

Enjoyed your website and love your books--Sandra G.

I love all the books... I want all of them... LOL... I can't wait to start getting them... Thanks for the email.--Crystal S.

All your books sound wonderful. Can't wait to read them.--Joan W.

Your website is very nice and I have read some of your books and absolutely love them.--Beverly B

Your titles are great reads.--Deb B.

Hi Susanne. Keep writing these wonderful stories for us.--Earlene G.

Love your books.--J.W.

I enjoy reading your books.--Phyllis A.

Love your books!!! They are soo good to read!!!--Maciej Z.

Janus is one of my favorite Gods because of the intrigue that the often presents. Ha! Ha!--Shirley H.

Wonderful reads!--Valerie F.

I LOVE your books. KEEP writing your great books.--Anne R.

Looking forward to reading your books.--Teresa W.

All your books are fantastic.--Pam C.

Thank you for your generosity. What can be more enjoyable than winning fun items from a quality writer!--Nina C.

I will be looking forward to your books in the future.--Marie K.

Love your books.--Julie P.

Susanne, your website is very nice, informative and easy to navigate. I am sure you have heard before that your books are wonderful right up to the last page. Keep Writing! Love, peace, and chicken grease! LOL! Hugs.--Mahaira F.

GRAVE FUTURE is a spooky story!--Judith G.

[About TIMELESS DECEPTION] Best book of yours that I've read--D. C.

Your writing is so good, so vivid. J.G.

I LOVE your work!--Karin V.

Thank You So Much Love Your Stories--Tonya McM.

I enjoy reading Susanne Knight's books. she is a great author and I am looking forward to reading more of her books.--Linda H.

Great books!--Belinda S.

The seniors in the state-run nursing home where I volunteer already fight over who I have to read "Lord Darver's Match" to next, so maybe I'll get lucky and win this one and they can fight to have me read both books. LOL.--Donna H.

Thank you, enjoy the great reading--Patsy M.

Just stumbled upon your site eager to read one of the books.--Melanie D.

I haven't read any of her books, but am anxious to find out what they're like!--Jean K.

Love Your Books!--Marilyn B. 

Love your books!--Kathy H.

Keep up the great work!--Howard P.

Love your work!--Judy A.

Thank you for giving so much to your readers!--Deborah O.

Thank you for writing books which bring the world of wonder, romance and magic into our everyday lives.--Laura E.

You are a fantastic author. Love the books I have read. Thanks!--Pat. S.

My first visit to your site and I'm really hoping to win an autographed book, they sound like excellent reads!--Jamie W.

Wonderful books, very interesting.--Valerie F.

Thanks! Your books are great!--Helen S.

You are a wonderful writer and love your website.--Charlene K.

I love your books!--Donna L.

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Your books sound great! Would love to give one a try as I love to read.--Carole A.

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