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Can an ordinary gemstone bring together two people clearly meant for each other?



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QUANTUM KISSES: A Contemporary Romance Novel   


As soon as ninth grader Annabelle Wilcott finds an unusual stone, she suddenly meets high school senior Sam Barnes. She’s immediately attracted to him, uncomfortably so, and this connection scares her silly. To protect herself, she gives him the cold shoulder. But over the years, Fate, or is it Quantum Entanglement?, keeps throwing Sam into her path. Three times she resists. Maybe, in Annabelle’s case, four times is a charm. 


Sam Barnes is an analytical physicist through and through, however he does have one superstition; he believes a certain gemstone that he carries in his pocket brings good luck. It might even bring the girl of his dreams. After encountering Annabelle Wilcott time and time again, he theorizes that they have a Quantum Entanglement... that they are inexorably linked. His job is to convince his reluctant Annabelle that she and he belong together. Maybe what is needed is a Quantum Kiss!  


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Reviewers are saying:

5 Stars! QUANTUM KISSES delivers an intriguing twist on romance! The reader even learns about Quantum Entanglement in this fun and frothy tale. Following young Annabelle through “decision points” in her adolescence into adulthood, we watch her become the woman she’s meant to be. Her path crosses Sam’s, over and over again, until finally, she’s ready to take the next step with him. All it takes is a Quantum Kiss! Don’t miss this one!--Twists On Romance Reviews

5 Kisses! In this imaginative tale, Annabelle and Sam are made for each other, only Annabelle is, to use a word, skittish. And why not? They first meet when she’s only fourteen. I love how Ms. Knight takes us back to junior high, high school, and college, to then vault into Annabelle’s present day adult life. Is a sparkling gemstone responsible for uniting these two would-be lovers? Read QUANTUM KISSES to find out!--Just Imagine Fanzine


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5 Stars
Just Imagine Fanzine

5 Stars
Twists on Romance Reviews