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A Continental Marriage


An earl’s unwanted American granddaughter must decide which side of the Atlantic she prefers. 


Golden Wings Award

A Continental Marriage

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5 Stars! A story of misunderstandings and growing up is the easiest way to describe A Continental Marriage.  It seems that Nicolette and Victor are never going to be able to be completely together due to one misunderstanding after an other, but the author does a very good job in showing how these misunderstandings are brought to light and reconciled.  I think Ms. Knight has written a wonderful addition to the historical romance genre.  She took the time to research how long correspondence would have taken as well as how expensive it might be etc…  I was drawn into the story early on and I enjoyed the entire story.  A Continental Marriage is a great addition to any historical romance fan’s library.

Reviewed by Joyfully Reviewed, Tanya and 5 Stars!

4 Roses! Susanne Marie Knight just proved how talented of a writer she is with her new release, A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE. I thoroughly enjoyed this sweetly written Regency about a marriage of convenience. It is definitely going to please the historical romance reader! I just loved Knight's writing style and voice. Just by words alone, she was able to transport me back in time to Regency England. I didn't feel like a spectator when reading her book; instead, I felt like I was part of the story! I love when an author can affect me like that. I have to admit that I like a well-written story about marriages where both the participants slowly fall in love with one another. Nicolette and Victor are both very likable and you can't help but feel sorry for their unfortunate circumstances. Even the eccentric secondary characters are likable and add additional flavor to this charming romance. I thoroughly enjoyed Susanne Marie Knight's historical romance, A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE. It's a well-written story that this historical reader wouldn't hesitate to read again.

Reviewed by Romance Reader at Heart, Julie Kornhausl
4 Books! When Nicolette Turner is forced to travel across the sea into "enemy" territory, to England and the estranged grandfather she blames for her family's hardships, she has no idea what awaits her. Her cantankerous grandfather is the least of her problems. English snobbery...gossiping tongues... and worst, the handsome baron who lives next to her grandfather’s estate, who seems to think Nicolette is a money-grubbing, uncultured savage from the backwoods of America. From almost the first page of A Continental Marriage, I felt a connection with Nicolette. Though pretty and spirited, as any romance heroine should be, she did not come across as a cliche. I loved the way she thumbed her nose at a wealthy society who looked down on her merely because she was not English. But I also liked the way the author gave her a soft and vulnerable side. It gave her a well rounded believability which is all important for me, as a reader. I really felt I was there, living out this adventure, and I really enjoyed falling in love with the handsome Victor Kincaid. There were a few mild curses, but much less than you’d probably see in an hour of regular TV. And best of all, the focus was on the romance that developed between the two main characters, without the panting and groaning that make some romances feel more like a really bad prank call. The romantic tension was there without all that stuff, and a better story for it. A delightful read.

Reviewed by Long and Short Reviews, Violet


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Golden Wings Award
Best Historical Romance--2007 Wings  ePress  

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5 Stars

5 Stars
Joyfully Reviewed

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