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The Magic Token
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The Magic Token

Magical hat

A Regency romance. Is Amanda's golden coin magical? Or is her sudden good fortune just coincidence?  You decide!    



The Magic Token Print Reissue 2/2012 Uncial Press

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Readers are saying:

OH … MY … GOSH!!! I just finished The Magic Token!  I loved it!  LOVE LOVE LOVED it!  You are such a gifted writer … l love how you wove the story in and out of all the different real historical facts.  And the coup de grace was Charles Darwin – and how you read about his mentioning he had a gold coin … wow, too cool!  And I loved the comeuppance of Nanette … LOL … in a practical way, I felt pity for her.  That she was so concerned with others’ opinions and views of her that she had to resort to marriage to a man she did not love.  That was so prevalent then (well, and probably now, too) … but you know what I mean.  I just loved the book … and Gregory!  I loved your line about how she looked in Marcus’s eyes, then they became the eyes of a stranger!  It was great!  Love love loved it!--Nancy G.
My family loved THE MAGIC TOKEN. It's a charming Regency imbued with magic and lots of wonderful characters. Once I opened the book, I left all my troubles behind and had a lively adventure with Amanda, Marcus, and company. Isn't that what reading is all about? My heartfelt thanks to Ms. Knight. I'm one of her fans! --Reggy, on
The book THE MAGIC TOKEN by Susanne Marie Knight would also make a good musical.--posted by Robin T. on Musical Village Message Board.
Enjoyed it very much. This is a page-turner!--Bonnie B.
Fans of Susanne Marie Knight will enjoy THE MAGIC TOKEN!--C.B.
I recommend THE MAGIC TOKEN!--Claire Olson
Leave all your cares away and enter an exciting new world. Live the dreams and enjoy all that you read--problems are forgotten and love, romance, excitement and live a life not only different, but one you could never believe you could. Reading is in fact another world--it affords you an escape and entertainment too easily left behind because of television and movies. They can never give you the true entertainment and excitement a good book does. Read one of [Susanne Marie Knight's] books and compare--you will not be sorry.--Rose D.
My family loved THE MAGIC TOKEN!--C.K.
I enjoyed THE MAGIC TOKEN very much. A real page-tuner!--B.E. 
A charming Regency with the intrigue of magic twisted with the fortunes of fate played out with wonderful characters.--M.H. 
A lively story!--K.D. 
Thank you! I really enjoyed THE MAGIC TOKEN.--J.B.



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