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A desire to find a ‘different twist’ on stories is what sets author Susanne Marie Knight’s mind, and fingers, into motion. She’s also a reader with eclectic tastes, from Heinlein to Heyer. For fans of Regency romance, that makes Knight’s TIMELESS DECEPTION a ‘must read’!

What first enticed you to write this particular novel, TIMELESS DECEPTION. Was it character(s) or plot situation?

I’d have to say it was the plot that intrigued me. I wondered how a modern woman would react, not only being transported back to the past, but also being in a situation where she finds she’s married to the man of her dreams, only he despises her because he believes she is his unfaithful wife. Talk about an unusual predicament!

What was the most difficult chapter(s) or scene(s) for you to write in your novel, TIMELESS DECEPTION? Why?

The most difficult scene for me to write was when Alaina tells Richard the truth about where... and when she is from. Something as out-of-the-ordinary as time-travel is so mind-boggling yet it has to be portrayed in a plausible way. The fact that Richard finds a garment of hers obviously not from the nineteenth century makes it easier to believe that Richard can accept her story.

Which of your characters surprised you the most by his/her growth and personality? Explain.

I enjoyed Lucy Cransworth's growth from a mousy, downtrodden girl to a desirable, confident woman who is able to show her husband the error of his ways. 

What do you hope your readers will experience when they read TIMELESS DECEPTION? What is the most important thing you’d like your readers to remember about TIMELESS DECEPTION or your character(s)?

I hope my readers will thoroughly enjoy Alaina’s predicament and how she manages to turn everyone’s life around as she restores happiness to all the Cransworths. What I’d like my readers to remember is that when an overwhelming situation is thrown their way, they can see it as a predicament, or they can see it as an opportunity. As Alaina quotes from Ann Landers: “When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.”

What made you choose TIMELESS DECEPTION as your title for this book?

 Whether Alaina wants to or not, she has to participate in a *deception* because of the unusual circumstances of being transported back in time. She has to pretend to be someone else. The “Timeless” in the title is a clue that this novel is a time-travel.

Is there anything I haven't asked about your novel, TIMELESS DECEPTION, that you'd very much like your fans to know?

Sometimes things work out in the most unexpected ways! Because of the Countess of Saybrooke’s duplicity, she’s thrust forward in time, far away from her beloved England. Are any of my fans interested in reading about Alicia’s story in twenty-first century New York?

 Experience the delight of ‘romance with a twist’ and read Knight’s TIMELESS DECEPTION. We’re sure you’ll agree her talent for storytelling is second to none.



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