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A desire to find a ‘different twist’ on stories is what sets author Susanne Marie Knight’s mind, and fingers, into motion. She’s also a reader with eclectic tastes, from Heinlein to Heyer. For fans of contemporary romance, that makes Knight’s LOVE AT THE TOP a ‘must read’!

How long have you been writing? What first brought you to the keyboard with an insatiable desire to tell a story?

Reading novels turned into telling stories, which evolved into writing novels. I’ve been writing for fifteen years. I like to use the “what if” scenario in my storytelling; I’ve always wanted to combine fantasy with my own particular kind of reality, thus my motto: Romance Writing With A Twist. Plus, a wonderful benefit to writing is that I can indulge my imagination and travel wherever my story takes me. With LOVE AT THE TOP, I traveled back home to New York. I also got to “visit” Denver! ;-)

What is it about the hero(s) and/or heroine(s) of your novel LOVE AT THE TOP that you find so intriguing?

I truly enjoyed giving LOVE AT THE TOP a modern-day twist to a fairytale setup: Millionaire Marries Working Girl. Coming up with a scheme to get Alex and Cassidy together was an intriguing challenge. How could they meet without her knowing his true identity? What needed to be in place so that she wouldn’t recognize him when she first saw Mr. Hayden-Smith? What kind of person did she need to be for Alex to fall in love with her? All these factors add spice to the story.

What was the most difficult scene for you to write in your current NBI novel, LOVE AT THE TOP? Why?

The most difficult scene to write was being in Alex’s point of view when he has to deal with Cassidy’s supervisor, Frank. As the author, I had to pretend I was a rather hardnosed businessman effectively putting the office villain in his place. There is nothing “feminine” about this scene. Not only do the words have to ring true, but the body language does as well. It’s up to you, the reader, to see if I’ve succeeded!

Which of your characters surprised you the most by his growth and personality? Explain.

Alex’s growth surprised me. This man is definitely used to getting his own way and having people jump to his tune. But in order to win Cassidy, he has to learn to curb his overbearing tendencies. Even toward the end of the novel, he still has to struggle.

What do you hope your readers will experience when they read LOVE AT THE TOP? What is the most important thing you’d like your readers to remember about LOVE AT THE TOP or your character(s)?

My hope is that by reading LOVE AT THE TOP, my readers can feel the living pulse of New York, experience the joys and sorrows Cassidy and Alex face, plus enjoy the antics of the comedic characters. I also hope that while my readers are turning the pages, in both the print and electronic versions, they are thoroughly and completely entertained.

What people in your life have been the strongest influence on your writing?

Ah, this question is easy... and varied. I’d say Robert A. Heinlein and Isaac Asimov for writing such powerful science fiction stories; my friend Jo for “introducing” me to Regencies and to Regency doyen Georgette Heyer; Agatha Christie for plotting her tangled web of mysteries; my friend Diane for having such a great Christie collection; and my mom, for her passion for reading.

Describe your 'writing room' where all your interesting plots and fascinating characters are created. Do you have anything special in your writing room to help you create your stories?

I’m extremely lucky to have my own office space... cluttered with books, files, pictures, computers, etc. Yep, I’m a junkie for business supplies--colorful paperclips, file dividers--you name it! But my most important “accessory” is my Siamese cat who keeps me company by lying next to the keyboard. He suns himself to sleep under the desk light. Now that’s the life!

Is there anything I haven't asked about your novel, LOVE AT THE TOP that you'd very much like your fans to know?

Yes. I wrote LOVE AT THE TOP when the World Trade Center towers were standing tall, majestically silhouetted against the other Manhattan skyscrapers. Symbolically, the towers stood for LOVE AT THE TOP, just as Denver the mile-high city stood for LOVE AT THE TOP. I dedicate my novel to all of us who have lost loved ones, and to future generations who can never experience the beauty of the towers firsthand.

Experience the delight of ‘romance with a twist’ and read Knight’s LOVE AT THE TOP. We’re sure you’ll agree her talent for storytelling is second to none.



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