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GRAVE FUTURE has been reincarnated once again and is available for your reading pleasure. That's right, get ready for chills, spills, and... a Shakespeare-quoting ghost. Who could ask for anything more?? GRAVE FUTURE's future is very bright, indeed.

GRAVE FUTURE has a very interesting history. If I had to choose one word to describe it, Iíd pick ďpersistent.Ē This paranormal romantic suspense was first conceived for a publishing line that had the theme: Is he going to kiss her or kill her? In other words, the hero was to be mysterious--maybe good, maybe bad. The publishing line folded before GRAVE FUTURE had a chance. Then Dreams Unlimited acquired the book, and it gained best-seller status. Unfortunately that publisher went out of business, but GRAVE FUTURE was soon picked up by LTDBooks. Again, my paranormal romantic suspense was on a best-seller list. But this publisher also closed its doors, and Awe-Struck eBooks (Mundania Publishing) published GRAVE FUTURE. I recently had the rights returned to me for all twelve of my Awe-Struck books so now GRAVE FUTURE is available at and Now I know this book will have a permanent home!

Since GRAVE FUTURE is a dark suspense, I chose the topic of drugs. I used some of my experiences working for the federal Drug Enforcement Agency to enhance the book. I also worked at a federal correctional facility, where my training on how to use firearms came in handy! As for the storyline, I actually did get lost in the Poconos looking for a friendís summer home, and the car was in fact, a yellow Triumph. My tiny car, unlike Jocelynís, fortunately survived the trip.

I hope you enjoy Jocelyn and Danís story.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight



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