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Greetings and felicitations! All my thanks for your interest in my books and in me. I'm honored that you wish to learn more about me. [Warning: read the following material at your own risk.] Actually, I'm a very private person, however I'll open the book to my life for you JUST THIS ONCE!


Like most people, I was born on the planet Earth. It's a cozy little place. I rather like it. But since most of my growing up was done about thirty feet above ground, sometimes I get a little spacey. Apartment life will do that to a person--feet rarely planted on terra firma. To tell you the truth, there's a nasty rumor circulating about me: that I was abducted by aliens. Can you believe the nerve? Here's a picture of me to prove I'm as normal as anyone else. By the way, I've been told I have very expressive eyes. What do you think?

On second thought, by looking at me, you probably realize I have a taste for the unusual. This is reflected in my books--"out of the ordinary" my local paper has reported about my writing. So who am I to dispute that? More about books later, but I will mention GRAVE FUTURE (see below), a title near and dear to my heart.

As for homelife, I'm married to a wonderful man who, some people say, bears a certain resemblance to a sweaty comedian. I don't see it myself. Here's a snapshot of him after he read GRAVE FUTURE for the first time.

On to the topic of kids--only one allotted to me. She is quite the artist. In fact, her unique style of drawing has been copied the world over. You've probably seen some of her work. Below is a self-portrait that truly expresses her inner child. I predict she will be famous one of these days.

Looks like her mom, doesn't she? Well, enough about me. Let's move on to something really fun... or Back to Top


At present, I have 42 fiction novels written, many short stories, an anthology, and a creative writing book. Really. So many books, in fact, I've decided to add a separate section for you to learn all about them--at least the ones available and in the publishing queue. Without further ado, click below to be directed to the latest news about 


and other jewels created in the mind of Minolta, er, Susanne. Sorry, too many commercials!

Click on book Click here for the my main website with news on all my books!

For those of you with inquiring minds, these books are for you!!! More stuff below or...

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I don't know why I'm even including this topic, but if you're really interested....

Favorite Movie: Two, actually. Beetlejuice and The Witches (with Angelica Houston). I get some of my best lines from these. (We come for your daughter, Chuck and You may... remove... your shoes! as examples.)

Favorite TV Show: Hands down, Star Trek. (TOS, in case you're not sure.)

Favorite Food: Anything someone else makes for me. (Except peppers, liver, and fish.)

Favorite Book: Man, oh man. I'm drawn and quartered on this one. Okay, I'll say for fiction, the one that made the most impression on me: Green Eggs And Ham by Dr. Seuss and for non-fiction, the one I use the most: The Dictionary (any one will do.)

That's enough favorites for now. If you have a burning desire to learn more favorites, email me below and I'll see what I can do... or Back to Top


I'll go the route of self-promotion here and just list a website also built by yours truly.

Advice about getting started on a writing project. Plotting, characterization, point of view, dialogue and more covered to help you build your story.


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It's way past time to wrap this up. Questions, comments, ... no condemnations please-- email me your thoughts at:

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